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Mar 2, 2014 9:00pm EST
where the analysts talk about how they are going to cover that night and he was frustrated chris christie had given obama a photo op on the beach after hurricane sandy and othe analysts said that the pols don't show that hurt and they said they couldn't help so everyone in that room as one of my subjects told me they didn't believe the polls. they felt that the polling was skewed and romney had a chance so it was this idea that they don't trust the data. that is the mindset a lot of people have going into election night. fast forward and rove who is a insider was fighting with megan kelly saying we are not going to call it. this is the denial that took place on fox. you have the talking heads proclaiming the landslide and he predicted the winner -- >> host: >> guest: i think the reason that resignation is it showed the world that on fox news it really was a self contained universe of people on fox thought romney was going to win. even the data except for the rasmussen poll showed romney facing an uphill battle into some megan kelly which i think is a testament to listen we are go
Mar 1, 2014 10:00pm EST
tried to get chris christie to run so you also say he is disdainful of mitt romney so how do you square saying he wanted to elect the next president with what actually he was able to do? >> guest: i think that gets to one of the things that makes roger ailes a fascinating character is he has these competing interests. he is a man in a certain way who is at war with himself because he is both the tv man and the party man and those two things can be in conflict with each other and what eyes find so fascinating is what my book shows in the year 2012 in this campaign we saw the limits of roger ailes ability to shape the political landscape through the medium of television and through much of his career television was the all-powerful tool. it propelled the candidates and shaped the way the public received candidates but what happened in 2012 was "fox news" became so powerful that shape the brand of the republican party that ultimately eroded his efforts to get a republican into the white house because the brand, the image that fox presented to the american public while it was compell
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2